Written by Vanessa Leins on Thursday, February 26th 2015

A New Globetrotter has Joined the Beautiful GB Crew
Hey GoodBarbers,

My name is Vanessa and I just started this week as the new Country Manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Originally, I am from Hungary, but have spent almost my whole life in the Black Forest in the south of Germany. Besides my two native languages, German and Hungarian, I learned English, French and Latin.

Currently, I am studying International Business Management with concentrations in Marketing and French. During my studies, I worked for two years as the Marketing Manager in a small German company and I had the chance to gain a lot of work experience.

To improve my language proficiencies and marketing knowledge and to meet new people from all over the world, I decided to do my internship in Ajaccio at GoodBarber. I have already been to Corsica twice and I really enjoyed the island, so it is a great opportunity for me to work and live on this «Île de Beauté». 

In my free time, I am passionate about motor sport, travelling, volleyball, HipHop/R&B music and dogs. 

I am looking forward to working in an international and dynamic team and enjoying the Corsican way of life!

Written by Muriel Santoni on Friday, February 20th 2015

We often speak about the strategies that brands use to increase their visibility. Many of them have managed to create a very loyal client base, generate much buzz, and sometimes even strategically transform bad buzz into something positive.

4 Brands that have been Banned from my Social Networks
However, today I don't want to talk about the social network success stories of these brands. Rather, I want to speak to you from the perspective of a social network user about the behaviors of certain brands that drive me crazy, ultimately leading me to unsubscribe from their updates. When these behaviors are constantly recurring, they can create a negative feeling towards the brand amongst customers, even outside of social networks. 

This happens to me often, and I think it occurs with a lot of you as well, so I believe it is very important to understand the magnitude and effects that certain behaviors may have on your customers' perception of your brand. 

Therefore, I thought making a list of social network behaviors that agitate me the most could be useful for giving you an idea of exactly what not to do in your own business' social networking strategy. 


Written by Catarina Crespo on Thursday, February 19th 2015

Written by Ali Soroka on Wednesday, February 18th 2015

It's here: the new and improved version of your back office, GoodBarber 3.5! Our team of developers has put itself into the mindset of a GoodBarber user and spent a lot of time exploring the platform in search of ways it can be simplified and made more enjoyable. We think the result is pretty great! 

Lesia Pietri, head of the project, describes 3.5: “The goal of 3.5 is to give users a straightforward, guided path to the creation of their apps through clearer steps and updated tools. With creating the most Beautiful Apps always being our objective, we are now offering the Unsplash photo feature—something that emulates the definition of beautiful design”. 

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A New Globetrotter has Joined the Beautiful GB Crew
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