Agency Tips - With Business, What Goes Around Comes Around
First, we want to say: congratulations! Because if the time has come for you that a competitor agency tries to steal your clients away, it means you are a cut above the rest. Just like other businesses starting to pay attention to your employees is usually a good indicator of your company’s health and notoriety.

Written by on Monday, June 20th 2016

Agency Tips - How can my client preview his app?

An important part of the sales process of an app is the product demo. This may take place before or after the deal has be sealed, but either way, your client will absolutely want to preview the application that will be representing their company before it goes public.

Written by on Thursday, June 16th 2016

Agency Tips - Giving Clients Backend Access

Most agencies want their clients to have some degree of participation in the creation and maintenance of their app. Whether this is to allow the client to help with the design, to be in charge of updating content, or to not have to be the middle man each time the client wants to send a push notification, there is almost always an advantage to providing back office access.


Written by Muriel Santoni on Thursday, June 16th 2016

Boost your sales with our new Couponing Add-On
Coupons are powerful promotional tools to include in your acquisition and client retention strategy. The potential of m-couponing  is tremendous, to boost sales, increase traffic or improve client retention rates. The good news is that this essential strategy can now be implemented with the GoodBarber technology. In addition to our Loyalty Card and Club Card Add-Ons, with couponing, make your Beautiful App your best marketing asset.

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