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Loyalty Card: how to boost customer retention with gifts and rewards
The set of loyalty features we offer is a great toolbox to nurture your clients and monetize your app. With a well tailored loyalty program, you can, not only make customers fall in love with your business, but also keep them coming back, with gifts and rewards.

Written by on Wednesday, August 17th 2016

Leveraging Mobile Apps in Politics
The relationship between representatives and citizens is in constant evolution. But today, more than ever, it’s changing fast, with social networks and a global context. On the contrary, there’s also a growing need for transparency and reciprocity, at a local level. So, let’s discuss this topic everyone is interested in - the exercise of citizenship in a digital world.

Written by on Friday, August 12th 2016

How to create an app for museums
Apps are an extremely useful, but unfortunately underutilized tool for the museum industry. Everything a costly, tree-killing brochure provided by every museum does, an app can do more quickly, cheaply, efficiently, and overall better!

How to delete #annoying from the advertising strategy of your app?
As an app publisher considering advertising to monetize your app, you’ve landed in the right spot. Indeed, with our app builder you have the possibility to enable flexible advertising solutions, with the opportunity to manage them first hand. Today, we will also give you a few guidelines on how to avoid annoying advertising practices and make your ad placements more interesting and ultimately, more effective.

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