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Written by on Monday, March 20th 2017

PWAs - Progressive Web Apps explained
In our last article we insisted on the growing influence mobile has on our every behavior, including desktop usage and expectations—an influence which has made room for a new concept, Progressive Web Apps. Today we will dig deeper into what makes up a PWA and how it operates.

Agency Spotlight : Complete Digital Solutions for Innovative Businesses with BT Design
BT Design is a Brazilian agency whose extensive experience in the web and mobile business has allowed them to successfully navigate through the challenges often faced in the digital industry and come out on top. After seeing their comprehensive range of offerings and impressive list of clients they've managed to acquire, it was obvious that this agency knows what they're doing!

PWAs - How mobile drives new desktop best practices and behaviors
There’s no doubt that mobile has invaded countless aspects of our everyday lives, lives which are in turn getting increasingly connected. From waking up in the morning to visiting a restaurant, booking a trip or yet again making a purchase, using one’s smartphone has become second nature for most of us. In that respect, the influence of mobile and its characteristics on the desktop web comes as no surprise.

Written by on Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Up your push notifications game with emojis
Now that you’ve built the perfect app for your restaurant, the perfect tourism app, or "insert your area of expertise" app, it’s time to start engaging your audience. One of the most effective ways to make sure your users don’t forget about your app? Push notifications. Now, if you are wondering how to up your notification game, here’s a clue: 🙂

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