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There are essentially two ways to directly earn money with an app: by directly selling the app in the stores, and by selling advertising within the app. In this article, we'll be covering two main questions for publishers who want to sell their app in the stores:

1/ What type of apps are users willing to pay for?
2/ What you need to do if you choose to charge a price for your app.

Written by Katrina Bertacci on Friday, October 17th 2014

"Even the most intellectual mind has something to learn"- George Santayana

Add a Rating Pop-Up to Your Beautiful App
Hello Goodbarbers,

Big things are happening in GoodBarber these days.
Our fingers are flying on our keyboards to write new codes and develop new features!

Right after launching GoodBarber 3, our completely new and restyled platform, we took some time to listen to all your requests and we created a road map to plan the development of all the new features you asked for,  so we could implement them as soon as possible.
Last week we introduced you to our new Contact Us section. Today we're proud to present the new integrated pop-up that you can activate to encourage your users to rate the app.

Just as George Santayana said, we all have something to learn!

Written by Katrina Bertacci on Monday, October 13th 2014

Come Discover our New Contact Us Section!
For those of you who have migrated from GoodBarber 2 to the new version, GoodBarber 3, you may have noticed that the Custom section wit the 4 templates (Contact Us, About, URL and HTML) does not exist anymore.

In it's place we created the HTML section that allows you to choose between and HTML and URL template. But what about the About and Contact Us template?

Many of you have been asking where to find these sections, don't worry, we haven't forgot them, we just decided to rebuild them completely to make even easier to use, now the configuration of the settings is very similar to that of the CMS sections :)

Today we present the new Contact us section, it has just been published and it's ready for you to use it in your apps!

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Update My GoodBarber with the latest version. The beast way to test your app & more :)
Friday, October 24th - 12:26
In today's article, we give some helpful tips on when and how to sell your app in the stores!
Tuesday, October 21st - 15:02
Have you already activated the rating pop-up in your app?
Friday, October 17th - 15:04
@jhedoux on en discute dans le support ?
Wednesday, October 15th - 15:51

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