Written by Katrina Bertacci on Monday, August 18th 2014

7 major mistakes to avoid when creating a branded app
Many companies today have chosen to be present on mobile by creating an app to support their business. An app is an extremely powerful tool because it’s extremely versatile, businesses can communicate in a much more personal way. Also, people access the internet always more from mobile devices and less from pcs.

Why? Because it’s more practical, we carry our smartphones around with us all day and now there is a good connection practically anywhere, also apps are easier to use. On a phone you don’t have any desktop clutter, you just have to enter a specific app to get the information you need, in a few seconds you can check the weather, find the best restaurant in town, buy those pants you saw in a shop at a cheaper price.

But it’s not all as simple as it sounds, many companies have missed the mark when trying to take advantage of the great opportunity an app represents. You mustn't forget there there are some specific rules to follow when going mobile, this channel is very different from the web so you cannot just transplant your web strategy, you have to plan a specific strategy for the mobile segment.

Here are series of common mistakes that to avoid if you want your branded app to be a success and bring your business that extra value!

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Happy 15th of August GoodBarbers ;)
In Italy and France the 15th of August is a national holiday! Having grown up in a city near the coast of Romagna, the 15th of August has always been Ferragosto, the day in which we celebrate the summer. Campfires by the beach, singing songs in the moonlight, friends, fireworks and of course, we could never miss a midnight dip in the warm summer water. Sleeping on the beach with our alarms set to 6 in the morning, just in time to go get a freshly baked bombolone (a typical italian donut filled with cream or chocolate) as soon as the Vela Bianca in Punta Marina opened.

Now that I live in the beautiful island of Corsica I don't intend to interrupt this tradition by any means, I'll just have to give up the bombolone in the morning in exchange of a warm croissant, a sacrifice I am more than willing to make! 

And you GoodBarbers?! Do you have any similar national summer holidays?? What are your traditions?

We'd love to hear your fantastic stories, in the meantime, we wish you all a happy Ferragosto and a fun weekend!!

See you on Monday ;)

Creating an app during the summer holidays is fun, practical and easy with GoodBarber!

"Being on holiday is not having anything to do and having all day to do it." - Robert Orben

How many of you feel disoriented during your holidays? It can often be quite frustrating to switch from a very frenetic schedule to not having to do anything!
Usually the first days go by in utter peace and you feel just like a baby koala right after feasting on eucalyptus leaves, but by the end of the first week boredom starts to kick in; You start checking your mail, doing some phone calls, taking care of unfinished work while waiting to get back in the office.

It's not like we can't live without work, it's just that we get so used to the many external impulses that we don't know how to manage full 24 hour days of free time.
I say "we" because I went through the same experience this summer. Even though I live right by the beach in Corsica, I decided to spend my holidays back at home, in Ravenna, Italy, where the sea is definitely less enticing!
After the first few days spent catching up with my family and friends, I found myself immersed in a summer holiday lethargy where I had nothing to do, and in my case, not even to see! I found myself sleeping and sunbathing all a day long, my level of productivity went down to zero. Finally, I gave in to sending a few emails to my colleagues, who would have paid to be in my place, and contacting clients and planning what I wanted to do when I got back. A total waste of time and holidays.

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