Written by Ali Soroka on Friday, January 30th 2015

2015 is officially here and so are the new innovations and trends to follow. We already have an idea of the major design trends for the Web, but what about for apps?
I will turn it to Lesia, our expert artistic director, who is nice enough to share the best advice out there with us on creating a Beautiful App design that is on point style-wise.

Design & Apps in 2015

Written by on Friday, January 30th 2015

The Next Web

Mobile applications have experienced huge growth over the past few years. There have not only been lots of new features to improve user experience on mobile, but new and great design ideas that catch our attention with their amazing effects have been implemented as well.

Everyone has their own favorite mobile effects, and now it's time to discover some of the favorites of the members of our Beautiful GoodBarber Crew.


Written by Ali Soroka on Thursday, January 22nd 2015

Is Creating an App for my Business an Option or a Necessity?
A few years ago, creating an app for one’s business was something only for the most dedicated of techies—it would surely set you apart from your competition, but it was nowhere in the realms of your customers’ automatic expectations. Nowadays, without an app you are easily set apart from your competition in the complete opposite direction; customers may not even bother with your company if it is not available to them through a smartphone-friendly channel. To further understand why having an app is a huge advantage to your business, and what you risk by not having one, read on. 

Written by Catarina Crespo on Thursday, January 15th 2015

Everybody is wondering what the next big thing in the app world for 2015 will be. We aren't psychic, but we have a few ideas based on our expertise, our market analysis, and the evolution of technology about the most exciting inventions big companies and brands will bring us during the next year, as well as the needs and concerns of consumers.

5 App Trends for 2015 that you should know
We have known one thing from the start: mobile will lead. Mobile is like a little computer that we bring everywhere with us. It's becoming smarter, more relevant, and let's face it—something we are completely dependant on.  What we expect to see this year is apps that are much more customized to consumer needs. They will provide more relevant and personal information, geo-targeting content, app extension for wearable devices, more mobile security, and more opportunity for engagement.

Today, we are offering you a look inside the future technology market. So, be our guest and jump into our time machine to discover the next App Trends for 2015.

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Design & Apps in 2015
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Is Creating an App for my Business an Option or a Necessity?
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5 App Trends for 2015 that you should know #GoodBarber
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