Written by Katrina Bertacci on Friday, July 25th 2014

Friday Quiz #5
Hi GoodBarbers,

This Friday quiz is extra special!
July has been a breathtaking month... and we really want to thank you all for having had so much patience during the launch of this huge update!

For this quiz, we've decided to turn the tables a bit..... and add some spice to the prize ;)

If the winner is someone who doesn't already have an active subscription with GoodBarber or wants to create a new project, he will win a 50% discount on the yearly subscription of his choice. I suggest choosing the Advanced plan! Better to go straight for the best, right?!

If the winner is someone who already has an active subscription and wants to use the prize for his project, he'll have the chance to upgrade from his current yearly plan to the next one, free of charge!!
For example: If you have an valid yearly subscription for the Full plan, you can pass to the Advanced plan at no extra charge!

WARNING: The discount can only be used after the 1st of August!

As usual, we will announce the winner on our Facebook page next Tuesday, the 29th of July 2014.

Keep an eye on our blog and socials, and may the battle for the crown commence :)

Written by Katrina Bertacci on Monday, July 21st 2014

7 clever tips to increase user retention
About 10 years ago when blogging was still very new it was much easier to become successful in a very short time. Very few people were covering the same subjects so it was easy for the early adopters to become the dominant presence in single categories. Then as more and more people followed the new trend and started to blog it started becoming more difficult to get noticed, and more than that, to create an audience of faithful followers. People now jump from one similar blog to the other with the same ease as when they zap through channels on TV.

Written by on Friday, July 18th 2014

For anyone who publishes an app, getting good ratings in the stores is important. Ratings play a big part in where the app appears in the rankings of the stores. Even if you’re not interested in rankings, you still don’t want your users to start out with a poor first impression of your app even before they’ve started using it.

10 Ways to Get Good Reviews for Your App
It sounds obvious, but you still need to think about what a “good app” means in your particular case. The content you add and the way you present needs to relevant to the message you’re trying to deliver. For example, if you’re making an app for a radio station, your app shouldn’t just include images and text, but also a streaming section.

Written by on Tuesday, July 15th 2014

GoodBarber 3 is Online!
Today, we're proud to present the third version of GoodBarber !

Ever since the beginning of the GoodBarber adventure, we've always had one main objective: offering anyone the possibility to create an application with incomparable design and an amazing user experience. With GoodBarber 3, we're staying true to these principles.

The experience we've gained with previous versions gives us the advantage of being able to continuously improve our product. Nevertheless, every major update of GoodBarber is an occasion for us to question everything we do. With GoodBarber 3, we've moved the goalposts once again by introducing a radically new approach for building an application.

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