Goodbarber V2 : Let's demo Beautiful Apps

Written by on Wednesday, December 5th 2012 16:34

We know that those of you who have registered for the Beta Goodbarber V2 can't wait to try it out. But be aware that it's just as unbearable for the whole team because we really look forward to your first impressions!

So to help you you while waiting, we offer those 2
videos of demo made ​​by our friend FredZone one introducing the applications, the other one the backoffice.
Here is also a link to article showing GoodBarber among other projects announced at Web'12.

Hoping to whet your appetite,  Rendez-vous at the opening of the BETA. Just few more days to go :)

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@TheStarsapp did you already open a ticket about this issue to the support?
Monday, July 28th - 08:57
@genepensiero we can update you manually upon request to the support
Sunday, July 27th - 16:28
@bledsoe812 sure, drop us a line in the support
Friday, July 25th - 17:53
@markusdesigns not yet
Friday, July 25th - 17:20

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