Goodbarber live from Web'12

Written by on Wednesday, December 5th 2012 11:19

Goodbarber live from Web'12
Announced by Jerome in his previous note, GoodBarber is almost ready to release its version 2. So what's best to announce and introduce it than participating in the essential annual meeting for companies and start-up of the web, Web '12.

For those who do not know this event, Web'12 is three days of conference, demonstrations and meetings with giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Google, ect.
It's also where tomorrow's Internet is imagined. You understand that it is a very important event that we absolutely wanted to be part of.

On the first day, Dominique Siacci and Jerome Granados had many mettings, demo and interviews each one more interesting than the other. For a brief report on Day # 1 You really should watch the video below, to watch it, you must register on livestream but we promise, it doesn't take more than a minute.

This registration will not only allow you to watch the video of the first day, but also to see the live streaming of day 2 and 3 set at 3pm

Day # 2

Day # 3

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