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Written by Mathieu Fancello on Wednesday, March 6th 2013 09:33

I spent much of my time during the MWC to discuss with Ad Networks, with the intention to improve GoodBarber's ads features.
My feeling is that most of these services are meta Ad Networks. They work with many Ad Servers and through their algorithms, they take care to provide maximum gain to their customers.
I can quote Smaato, InMobi, Adfonic and the very friendly people of Ad4Screen as services that have caught my attention.
Our Holy Grail is the generic implementation of an Ad Server in GoodBarber, this trend is perfect for us :-)
Implementing the SDK of one of the services mentioned above allows GoodBarber to be compliant with all the ad servers managed by this service.
I also discovered AirPush, a mobile Ad Network focused only on Android which has the ability to send ads by Push. I found it quite original.
A word for a service that deserves a mention: going around these Ad Networks, I stumbled upon Crittercism, a bug tracker that really attracted me. We will soon use this tool, allowing us to stay aware of the stability of our applications and constantly improve their quality :-)

AdTech & Ad4Screen
AdTech & Ad4Screen

InMobi - Dark photo, visible logo
InMobi - Dark photo, visible logo

The AirPush impressive booth
The AirPush impressive booth

The nices goodies of Crittercism
The nices goodies of Crittercism

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