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[Video Tutorial] How to create multi-level navigation in an app

Written by on Tuesday, April 21st 2015 14:40

[Video Tutorial] How to create multi-level navigation in an app
A couple of months ago, we released a great feature that many of our users immediately added to their apps to make them more dynamic, organized, and of course, beautiful :)

Adding multi-level navigation into your app is very easy, and this video tutorial will show you the step by step process, as well as all the design details of each template, already explained in the article "A Powerful Section, Simply Called Menu".

You can choose between 9 different templates and you have even the possibility to implement your own template by selecting HTML, the last option displayed.

The video tutorial shows you only 8 of the 9 templates offered by GoodBarber, because we have just released a new template (Template 9) that spruces up your images.

Template 9 gives you the option to have a full screen image for each section of your multi-level menu. The swipe between the subsections is intuitive and smoother than ever. 
To take maximum advantage of your pictures and the screen size, it is possible to add different images for smartphones, iPad landscape and iPad portrait.

High definition, high user experience... A big wow! :D


1.Posted by Max on 04/21/2015 3:39 PM
Limit of 50 sections abruptly cut off the possibility of a multi level menu

2.Posted by Arianna Testi on 04/22/2015 10:35 AM
Hi @Max,

I don't agree... each section as the possibility to organize the content in categories so there are many possibility to create a very dynamic and complete multilevel navigation even with a 50 sections limit. This limits has been set to ensure the stability of the app.


3.Posted by Lisa Nisenson on 04/26/2016 9:09 PM
How does the 50 section limit work? Is it the same with the paid versions of the app? Thank you. Lisa

4.Posted by Isabella Leland on 04/27/2016 9:13 AM
@Lisa Hi Lisa, the limit is the same, during the trial period or for subscribed users. But, you can easily create categories under most of our sections, in terms of user experience it is usually more efficient to achieve most projects. We detail the process in this article >> Our support team is happy to help if you have any questions regarding the set up of your sections (or should you need to ask for more sections after all!).

5.Posted by Lisa Nisenson on 04/27/2016 1:00 PM
Thanks for reply - so to be clear - each section can have its own set of 15 categories?
An infographic that describes how to set up the hierarchy (and the limits) would be very useful (e.g. section > menu and/or section>section >categories) so people can set up the structure knowing the opportunities in advance. Also - are there ways to have internal hyperlinks? (Links to an article within the app)?

6.Posted by Isabella Leland on 04/27/2016 2:33 PM
@Lisa there is no limit to the amount of categories you can create. We actually have an online help in the back office entitled "Filter your sections" (under Creating & Organizing content) which should be helpful. As for internal links, yes, you can direct users to a specific article or a section with our mCMS sections. If you search for "Adding links" in our Online help tool, you will also find a detailed tutorial :) I hope this helps!

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