GoodBarber @ AppDays 2015: our experience

Written by on Friday, November 27th 2015

AppDays 2015, it’s a wrap! And it's been a whirlwind! It’s time for us to reflect on that short but busy adventure…
These past two days attending AppDays have allowed us to immerse ourselves into the mobile world and to meet with countless protagonists of our ecosystem. With 722 participants, 18 exhibitors and over 60 conferences and workshops there wasn’t a dull moment.

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Our Team’s Favorite Apps

Written by on Thursday, November 26th 2015

We help you create Beautiful Apps year round, but don’t think that means we can’t stare at another app once the working day is done! Not only do we have to keep up to date with the new apps released out there, but we also have our favorites. If you are curious to find out what the apps on our team’s homescreens are, here’s a glimpse.

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Everything you need to know about Beacons!

Written by on Monday, November 16th 2015

Beacons have been around for quite some time now and are gradually becoming a part of marketing strategies for some of the biggest brands out there. These tiny devices are as powerful as they are mysterious, but one thing’s for sure, they are introducing a new way to buy

By blending the digital and physical they are taking the user experience one step further, providing a very flexible approach to displaying information about products, the layout of the store or even discounts. Everything is possible, for any kind of business.

A few weeks ago we explained how you could implement this technology inside your app thanks to our iBeacons Add-On. A breakthrough update since we believe Beacons are an incredible asset when it comes to developing your business ! However, we are well aware how intimidating these devices can seem at first, so here is an Infographic which will give you an overview of what you need to know about Beacons and how they operate, which should help you overcome your hesitations!

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Christmas is Coming

Written by on Friday, November 13th 2015

Santa is already on its way and we know what it will be bringing in his sleigh. At least for you GoodBarbers! A lot of surprises are in store this season. The fun will begin December 1st...

Make sure you don't miss a thing and catch up with us on our Social Networks ;)


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Content is king: long live content!

Written by on Thursday, November 12th 2015

There are all sorts of Apps out there in the stores, but what part does "content" play? What’s the public appetite for Apps with a lot of content?

One could be quick to pin down App users as hurried consumers who don’t stay for too long in one (virtual) place. But, a recent study issued by the Yahoo Developer Network seems to hint at the contrary.

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GoodBarber is now available in Turkish!

Written by on Wednesday, November 11th 2015

Hello GoodBarbers!

Big news for our Turkish friends! Hazal, our new Turkish Country Manager has a few surprises coming your way to celebrate her arrival…

From now on, you can administrate your back office and your apps in Turkish :) And since we make a point of providing you with a very powerful tool, while being user friendly, you can also count on our support team to deliver assistance in your mother tongue!

We can’t wait to see how creative Beautiful Apps from Turkey will be :)

Stay tuned, the GoodBarber Turkish adventure is just starting!

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Promote your events with our new Events Templates

Written by on Tuesday, November 10th 2015

Hello GoodBarbers!

Updates are pouring in these days. Have you started customizing the icons in your App  yet? Well, here's another update to play around with the design of your app.

The importance of the Calendar section can’t be denied. Many of you are making use of it in your Beautiful App to promote your events. We already improved it this Summer with the possibility to add content into the section, directly from the back office of your app, without requiring an external source. 

We are now taking things further and allowing you to properly shed light on your events with 3 new templates to display your events details :)

Let’s take a closer look at them…

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Geofencing and the event industry

Written by on Monday, November 9th 2015

If there’s one area of expertise where the need to constantly keep the audience interested is pressing, it is the event industry. If one wants a good turnout, the bar is now higher than ever. How to keep up with people’s expectations? If creating an app for an upcoming event is now a given, the time has come to enter a new dimension, with Geofencing.

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Say Hello to Hazal, our Turkish Country Manager!

Written by on Friday, November 6th 2015

Hello GoodBarbers,

My name is Hazal Çelik and I am the Country Manager for the Turkish market.

I moved to Colorado when I was eighteen as an exchange student to improve my English, then decided to stay in the U.S and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in International Business in St. Louis.

I also studied French as a minor and spent a semester at Université de Caen. After finishing my degree, I spent a year working in New York City which I describe as the best but toughest experience so far. After New York, I went back to St. Louis and completed St. Louis University’s MBA program with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

While searching for a creative and innovative workplace, I found out about GoodBarber and thought this is the best next step for my career. I am excited to discover the “island of beauty“ and learn the cultural aspects of Corsica. 

Some facts about me: I like listening to music, reading philosophy, and traveling. 

I am looking forward to helping you create beautiful apps!



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