Come to discover the YouTube Channel of GoodBarber!

Written by on Friday, January 31st 2014

Come to discover the YouTube Channel of GoodBarber!
Hi everyone :)

Today we are going to present you the YouTube channel of GoodBarber.

Our loyal follower already know that every week we post videos on YouTube, called FAQ videos, in which we answer to some of your questions about the development of mobile apps, giving you some advice about how to power your apps and helping you to knows much better the apps world and its stores. Then, on Friday, you can see a little resume of the videos of the week in our blogs.

As our blog, also our videos are in the 4 languages; English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Meryl and Jerome share the “Tutor” position in English and French Videos. For the video in Spanish you have Sara. And for the Italian, it's me, Arianna.

Come to discover the YouTube Channel of GoodBarber!
If you have any question about mobile apps development, please do not hesitate to ask us, commenting on YouTube, on the articles dedicated posted every Friday or twitting to our Twitter accounts.

English @goodbarber
French @goodbarberFR
Spanish @goodbarberES
Italian @goodbarberIT

So, check out the playlist in your language to be update with the themes that we already deal with, and don’t loose the next videos.

The answer to your question could be the next ;)





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