Enable the In-App login with the new GoodBarber User Authentication feature

Written by on Friday, April 3rd 2015

Our new User Authentication feature is the first step to make your app more social. From now on your app will represent not only your voice and ideas, but those of your users as well. In the new Add-Ons store you can see it alongside two other new social features, Community and User Groups. But today we'll focus on Authentication, with the Login and Profile page. 

Where to find it?

Go to the Add-Ons store. By clicking on More Info, under the feature's display, you can enter a detailed description page which will allow you to discover everything about the section before even adding it.

Then to enable it, you will just have to click on the green [+Free] button. Please note: this feature is only included in the Advanced plan.

How does it work?

Once you have enabled the User Authentication feature add-on, you will automatically be redirected to the App menu, where a green tooltip will show you the two new sections that have been added to your sections list.

On the right menu, another tooltip will alert you of four new menus that have been added to your back office. 

The new sections added are called : Login Box and Profile.

The Login Box is not actually a section, but just a layer, which is why it's not possible to drag and drop it and move it, as with the other sections.
This layer offers 3 different templates, with different customization tools as always, and an alternative display of the sign-up/log in information.

The Profile Section, in addition to all the usual design tools, offers a very interesting feature that gives you the option to separate the Profile page from the navigation mode.

The profile display will depend on the type of navigation mode, for example:
- For the mode Swipe or Little Swipe, the profile section will stay in the menu but with a different look. Instead of the icon it will have the user's profile picture.
- For the mode TabBar, Typo and Large Typo, the profile icon will be moved to the top right corner of the app.
- For the mode Grid and Slate, the profile will be moved to the bottom of the screen.

Here are some pictures...

The new menus...

Now that I have shown what the Login and Profile pages can look like in your app, it's time to see how to set the profile information, the app restrictions, and most importantly, where you will be able to find the information about your users.

Users > Public/Private

When you activate the User Authentication Add-Ons in your back office, we automatically lock the access to the entire app. If you want to restrict the access only to certain sections, you will have to go to the Public/Private menu of your back office and set the access to your sections as you want.

User > Settings

In this menu you can set the Sign up option of your Login layer and the information your users will be able to put in their profiles.

You can choose to authorize people to sing up in your app, or if you are creating an internal app just for your company for example, to enable just the login, so external users will not be able to create a new profile without your authorization.

You can also decide to allow users to visit the app without been forced to sign up, allowing them to skip the registration process.

Last but not least, the login through Facebook and Twitter. This is a very popular option, which is simple to configure but that will be much appreciated by your users.

On the second page of this menu, you will find the User Profile configuration where you will be able, as with the Form section, to add different kinds of fields, as well as give the user the option to include his social profile and profile picture.

User > List

Once the feature has been published in the app and your users start creating their profiles, you will be able to consult the list of your users, as well as the data, in the List menu.
Through this same page, you will even be able to manually add a new profile, and very soon to automatically import a list of profiles.

Now you know everything you need to know, but remember that the hands-on experience is better then any lesson written in a book. So roll up your sleeves and start playing with this new beautiful feature :)

Hi - some of my users say they they have to sign in everytime they open app, whereas other users are remembered and do not have to (this is prefered option) - Is this configurable? Is it a setting in the app? Or does it depend on the device being used?
Hello @Ahmet the Authentication feature and the Submission section aren't tied together. Users can submit content using either the email address they registered with, or another email address. It is not possible to edit that specific behavior of the Submission section.
Is it possible using user's profile E-mail address as default address at sending photos section? User's having trouble to understand it must be their own E-mail address and filling with apps E-mail address. Thanks.
@Doug Hello, this specific behavior cannot be achieved through our app builder. Have a nice day!
Is there a way to set one of the icons inside the app to go to a specific page based upon the username?
Hello @severin, absolutely, you can manage your users from the Users tab in your back office, under List. What I would recommend if you need further assistance is to open a ticket to our Support team, again from the back office of your project. For technical related questions, it is the best communication tool. By the way, we offer support in several languages, so you might be able to find yours :) Have a nice day!

Sorry my english is very bad. :-)

Is it possibel to delete users from the userlist? i imported a wrong file with 2000 Members and i wanna delete them all.

Kind regards
Hello @Artti, in the back office, once you've enabled authentication, it is possible to add fields related to the profile information of each user (which will generate a step 2 sign-in process) based on whether you define the fields as required or not. Feel free to open a ticket from the back office of your project if you need assistance from our Support team to set it all up :) Have a good day!
is it possible to change the registration form?
I need add some questions because I need more information of my users.
Will the in-app users be integrated with a current registered user base on any website, specifically Wordpress sites? Simply, if a user signs up through the app, will it automatically register them on my Wordpress site as well? If not, PLEASE tell me that you will work on & develop this...
@Jonathan Happy Holidays to you :)
Thank you Isabella Leland!! i wil try to do as you say! Happy Holidays
Hello @Jonathan ! We are happy to help but this issue would be best resolved by opening a ticket for our Support team, directly from the back office of your project. This way, our team will have direct access to your project and will be able to help faster and more efficiently. Also make sure to be very specific when describing the issue. For instance, when you speak about native preview, are you talking about the My GoodBarber App preview or the Ad Hoc version? :) I hope this helps!
im doing an app at the moment and i decide to use login, everything was good till i decide to make it easier roe the users and add a facebook login, i followed all the steps one by one, and i just cant do it!
when you go to the main login , its not showing facebook button in native preview, but if i doit in HTML5 PREVIEW it shows how i wanted! any ideas why im having trouble??
thanks in advance.
Hello @Jorge, the easiest way to retrieve your user base and the information you request upon users is to download it in .csv format, an option available from your back office. Have a good day!
Is there a way to access the user's data programmaticaly using some kind of js API?
Just wondering if there is any likelyhood of the wordpress plugin being updated so that logged in users of a website can be syncronised with the user profile, chat in the GoodBarber system.
I have developers who would be happy to evolve the current plugin to make this possible if we can get access to your authentication system?
Hello @Madhav, it would be best to submit this question to our Support team, right from the back office of your project. Simply because they will have direct access to your app and will be able to assist you faster and more accurately. In that case, specify that you are trying to reset the password for a "fake" user account :) I hope this helps.
I turned authentication on my test account. When I was testing the Forgot Password feature, I still have not received the email to reset the pwd. Is this feature not available for test accounts?

Thanks. An excellent platform BTW.
Hello @Liz, it is not possible to restrict sign in to Facebook / Twitter only with our Authentication Add-On.
Hi there, is it possible to restrict sign in to just use either facebook or twitter? (and not create a new username/password specific to the app)
Hello, these are not features available with our app builder at the moment. We however recently released our Chat Add-On, which allows for 1-on-1 private conversation between users for now. The feature will evolve over time. Making our apps more social is still a priority :) As for User Generated Content, our Submit section already allows users to publish photos/video and text format!
i am with DOM Comment ... if possible to be able to follow and be followed by other users , its most important feature on social . and (wall or timeline) for followed users . also if you can add feature to post VID , PIC , Voice
we trust goodbarber to support us to growth our apps for success . thanks
Hello Dom, this feature isn't available at the moment. However we are very much aware of the desire for apps to be more and more social, so stay tuned!
Is it possible to be able to follow and be followed by other users?
Yes, you can disable authentication from the Add-ons Management section of your back office. It sounds like an Apple Enterprise account may be what you need for this project, you can read more information here:
is it possible to disable registration ?
I ask you this because I have two cases :
1/ I would like a premium app to be used only by team members of a company.

2/ I would like to grant access to people who pay a due.
I would rather like a term and conditions page by using the app.
This page would explain how to use the app.
Maybe they would buy a one-year subscription online (maybe with paypal), then that would generate an account to access the app.

Looking forward from reading answers.
Thanks for the suggestion Hafiz, we will certainly consider it!
please provide complete video tutorial! thnks
Great feauture! Well done!

Do you have any further information when the new feature to split my users in different groups will be available?

Greetings from Germany.
Along with comment syncing, I'd like to see an option for reply notifications for users, so when they get a new reply to their comment the app alerts them. A setting to turn this off could be in the settings feature.

Overall, a Notification feature section in the app would be great. It could combine any missed push notification and reply notifications that are relevant to the user.
I second Marlon's suggestion about user syncing with Wordpress through the Goodbarber Wordpress Plugin. Threaded comments with indented replies would also be great.

Disqus is a great option, but with the App-Login it makes sense to have a native comment system that's a little bit more robust.
I have been waiting on this feature for months and am SO glad & excited that it is finally here. Will the in-app users be integrated with a current registered user base on any website, specifically Wordpress sites? Simply, if a user signs up through the app, will it automatically register them on my Wordpress site as well? If not, PLEASE tell me that you will work on & develop this...
Is the profile information available inside the application? I.e. if they put in their name as "jonathan", inside the app can I say, "hello jonathan"?

Also, if someone registers who is not part of my company, can I block them? If they sign in by email address can I restrict that?
@Dume- AWESOME! I hope you include profile photos in the commenting feature. Also, a Notification center woth notifications when someone replies to you on a comment thread would be amazing. I know you guys are just getting started but I'm excited to see where you take these social features.
Sure, that will be merged in the coming days.
when the chat and community will be available?
Will comments be powered by the new new in-app login/profiles feature? I noticed in an app using this feature that commenting was an additional log-in through Twitter/Facebook.

Thanks- Awesome feature! I hope you guys enable a social wall feature as well.
Be sure to make the possibility of granting access to a specific date.
Max, we will soon be releasing a feature that allows you to split your users into groups and restrict/give access to certain parts of the app for each group.
Is it possible to restrict certain groups of authorized users access to different materials, and can provide access to the time, ie on the calendar.

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